A round of golf should represent 18 different inspirations…every hole must have individuality.

Tillinghast said that a century ago, and he was correct.   Kington Golf’s approach to golf course architecture emphasizes individuality as the primary consideration for designing golf experiences that are fun and engaging during a round, and inspiring and memorable long afterwards.   This philosophy relies heavily on our belief that all golf courses should be playable and challenging, but fair for all players.

Our approach is also based on an unwavering respect and enthusiasm for the perfection of nature, and for golf as an imperfect game played in nature.    We believe the environmental conditions of each site contribute significantly to the quality, challenge, and distinctive character of any golf course.  Environmental conditions are carefully identified and analyzed prior to the start of the design process to ensure every facility will be entirely compatible with these conditions and coexist in harmony with nature.  Sensitive areas are preserved, protected, and often enhanced.   At the same time, many inherent and naturally challenging features of a site are strategically incorporated into the design of the golf holes to create an uncontrived playing experience that is unique to each course and embraces the beauty and relaxation that natural surroundings offer.

Kington Golf, 2024