Kington Golf offers full range of master planning, renovation, and restoration services for all types of publicly accessible golf facilities and private clubs.   We believe the best results are achieved by a team effort that combines our expertise and successful experience with valuable knowledge gained from working closely with representatives of the client who have an intimate understanding of the course. 

Golf course master planning considerations:

  • Improve playing conditions.
  • Alleviate infrastructure or site issues.
  • Update course design and features.
  • Adapt to advances in golf equipment.
  • Meet the changing needs of the players or members.
  • Enhance aesthetics.
  • Correct safety issues.
  • Alleviate pace of play issues.
  • Mitigate adjacent land uses.
  • Remain competitive with other golf courses or clubs.
  • Restore former architectural features and character. 
  • Improve the golf experience.